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{portrait} Amber

A couple of weeks ago I was able to do a portrait shoot with the lovely Amber. I’ve been thinking of doing more portrait shoots for a while now. It was fun and I will definitely shoot more of these in the upcoming future. I am trying to figure out which direction I want to go with these shoots and maybe create something of a book with them in the future, who knows. For now enjoy the shots below of Amber. I like them a lot!

Amber portrait looking away hat
Amber portrait fierce look
Amber portrait distant look without hat
Amber portrait playful look with hat
Amber portrait diptich
Amber portrait fierce look with hat
Amber portrait looking up
Amber portrait diptich
Amber portrait lines
Amber portrait standing in field
Amber portrait man walking by
Amber portrait double exposure

That’s it for now. Want to stay up2date on more portrait shoots and other work, please visit my Facebook page!


  1. Alice zegt:


    1. Sjoerd zegt:

      Thanks! :)

  2. Jean-Laurent zegt:

    These are gorgeous mate ! Well done… Again !!!

  3. Bibi zegt:

    Heel mooi sjoerd! Die laatste is bijzonder! Waar heb je die foto met de groene houten muur geschoten? En die op het dak? Zijn coole locaties.. Ben op zoek naar zo iets om een paar foto’s te schieten. Groetjes!! Bibi

    1. Sjoerd zegt:

      Dank je Bibi :) Foto’s die je noemt zijn geschoten op de Oostelijke Eilanden. Vlakbij cafe Roest.