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I have the desire to gain new skills as much as I can. Learning and becoming close to an expert in a certain field is gold to me. Because of this I love the idea of sharing.

Over the course of many years, I’ve learned so much in the field of photography from others and I want to keep that knowledge flowing by teaching you.

Below is some information on possible ways for you to boost your skill set. Let me know what you need and I am sure we can set the wheels in motion.

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Looking for some quick answers? Let's schedule a Skype or Google Hangout. Shoot me any question you can think of and I'll answer it. By using screen sharing we can also use programs like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for teaching.

If you want more guidance than just a one day mentor session, I can become your coach. Together we'll talk about the current state of your photography and where you want it to go. We'll decide on the steps that need to be taken and I'll provide feedback along the way. Assignments will be part of the process as well as in person shooting.

One day session at my home in Haarlem, the Netherlands. We'll touch base on all the things that you want to improve on. From capturing the images that you see, to post processing the images to make them look how you want.

There are currently no workshops planned due to COVID-19.

Starts At: €100,- per hour

Starts At: €750,-

Starts At: €350,-

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