Maternity Photoshoot - The Starter Guide

Amsterdam Wedding Photographer Sjoerd Booij

You are pregnant and thinking about doing a maternity photoshoot to capture this unique time.

You might wonder:

How do I plan a maternity photoshoot?

In this maternity guide I will share five tips on how to plan a maternity photoshoot that is easy and fun.

I will help you set up a photoshoot that fits your personality and doesn’t have to take more than one or two hours.

As an experienced wedding photographer and dad of (almost) three children I want to let you know:

It doesn’t take much time or effort to capture some beautiful pictures.

All you need is a location with great light and a mom (to be) who feels comfortable.

Some of the questions that will be answered in this guide:

  • How and why plan a maternity photoshoot?
  • What should I wear during a maternity photoshoot?
  • What are good locations for a maternity photoshoot?
  • How can I pose during a maternity photoshoot?
  • What is a good time during your pregnancy to do a photoshoot?

Let’s dive right in with the Table of Contents or jump straight to a Chapter using the icons below:

How and why plan a maternity photoshoot?

What should I wear during a maternity photoshoot?

What are good locations for a maternity photoshoot?

How can I pose during a maternity photoshoot?

What is a good time during your pregnancy to do a photoshoot?

To summarize: 5 tips for amazing maternity photos!

Chapter 1 - Introduction

How and why plan a maternity photoshoot?

Your pregnancy is a unique time in your life, that of your partner and unborn baby. Even though you might not feel like posing when your body is changing, don’t forget that in only a couple of months from now you will think back nostalgically at the kicks in your belly. You’ll want to remember how special you felt carrying new life inside of you.

Maternity photoshoot with family.

In this maternity photoshoot guide I want to show you that it is definitely worthwhile to capture this moment.

More importantly:

It doesn’t have to be complicated or take much of your time. That way you can even plan multiple shoots during your pregnancy, like half way and more towards the end of your pregnancy.

If you want a fun and easy maternity photoshoot fitted to your personality then I would love to be your photographer.

Dive right into the chapters below to find some quick tips you might find useful to plan your maternity photoshoot.

Chapter 2 - Clothing


What should I wear during a maternity photoshoot?

The most important thing when picking a maternity photoshoot outfit: choose something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Any clothes that make you feel good about yourself are the right clothes. Below you’ll find some tips that might be helpful in picking the right outfit.

Maxi dress for maternity photoshoot.

As the pictures I take focus on your belly, I recommend choosing clothes that are not too fitted and have a loose fit. Such clothes can be easily readjusted to emphasize what you want to stand out in your pictures.

The maxi dress trend that we see these days is actually perfect for this. It doesn’t only make you look good, but is comfortable as well.

Choose something soft and with a romantic look. Floral maxi dresses are perfect for this. Moreover choose something that fits you as a person and you feel good in.

Chapter 3 - Locations

What are good locations for a maternity photoshoot?

A maternity photoshoot is all about you (and your partner or children)! So there is no need for fancy locations. All I need is good lightning, which can be anywhere outside or inside in not too bright of light.

Maternity photoshoot locations.

In order to create a romantic feel in the pictures I prefer a naturally looking environment.

That doesn’t mean we have to go for a hike into the woods; if we can position you in front of a tree or a wall of flowers, this will do.

That means we can use your backyard or go for a little stroll around your neighborhood to scout such a location. Just you (and your family) and me and my camera are enough to take some beautiful pictures.

Choosing a location close by, will allow me to take no more than one or two hours of your time.

Have a look at this family photoshoot location list in Amsterdam. It also includes some photos of a session I did with a lovely family.

Another great option would be a family photoshoot at the beach.

Chapter 4 - Posing


How can I pose during a maternity photoshoot?

Most people don’t like to pose. I can imagine that when you are pregnant you feel even less like posing. Despite what you might think when you google pregnancy pictures: I can assure you, you don’t need to be able to pose like a supermodel in all types of glamorous poses.

Posing in front of big tree.

Just be who you are and concentrate on what you feel (the little one inside). When you feel calm and confident, it is easy for me to take a good picture of you.

The way we will do this, is that I will stay far away from creating a too “posy type” of environment.

We will take a walk, play a game or have a conversation; anything that makes you feel comfortable. I will take pictures in the meantime, that’s it.

Since we want to emphasize your belly I will only give you slight directions to accentuate your belly by adjusting your clothing in a certain way or turn into the right position for a nice silhouette.

I have also written a couple photoshoot guide that holds some great posing tips. You can use some of these tips for a maternity photoshoot as well.

Chapter 5 - Timing

What is a good time during your pregnancy to do a photoshoot?

The only pre-condition to choose a good time during your pregnancy to do a photoshoot, is that there is a little bump visible. As this is the main asset of you we want to capture of course.

Woman looking into camera during maternity photoshoot.

Once you show you are pregnant the most important criteria is that you do the photoshoot during a time you (still) feel comfortable in your body.

Usually the second trimester is the best time for most women, as their bumps are showing but they are not restricted by too many pregnancy inconveniences. Of course this differs for each woman.

Don’t worry when your belly isn’t watermelon size yet, with the right clothing and instructions from your photographer we can easily accentuate the little one inside of you.

When you feel strong and good about yourself, this will definitely show in the pictures.

Chapter 6 - Summary (5 Tips)

5 tips for amazing maternity photos!

In order to summarize this guide, here are my five ultimate tips to plan a fun and easy maternity photoshoot.

Woman portrait during maternity photoshoot.
  1. Your pregnancy is a once in a lifetime experience, it will definitely pay of to make a bit of your time available to capture this unique moment.
  2. Wear something loose with a romantic look that you feel comfortable in.
  3. Choose a location close-by preferably with a natural look, your backyard or city park around the corner could be great locations.
  4. Even though you are at the center of each picture, you do not need to be a supermodel to pose during pregnancy. Concentrate on the little one inside of you and how that makes you feel.
  5. Choose a time during your pregnancy that you feel good and comfortable in your body, anytime after you start showing a small bump is possible.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Have a look at my family photoshoot work at the family portfolio page.


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Maternity photoshoot with family.
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