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A beautiful formal wedding ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel. A boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam and finishing off at Tobacco Amsterdam with dinner and a party. This wedding had it all.

Formal Wedding Waldorf Astoria

A formal wedding is not to confused with “Black Tie Required”.

It’s more of a “Black Tie Optional” kind of event. Formal is a small step down from tuxedo required, but the event is formal enough to wear the proper clothing.

A long dress or formal cocktail dress would be suitable for the ladies.

The gentlemen would wear a tuxedo or formal dark suit. A white shirt and tie would be the finishing touch.

Wedding Story

The Canadian bride and Dutch groom decided to start their wedding day at home in Amsterdam with family and friends surrounding them.

From there out they would go and get married at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Hotel.

After the wedding ceremony they would take a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam, to finish their lovely day with dinner and a party at Tobacco Amsterdam.

Getting Ready At Home

Getting Ready

Before going to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the bride started with her getting ready at home in Amsterdam.

Bouquet of the bride.

The dress & shoes

The Canadian bride definitely had great taste. A beautiful dress and shoes were ready for the big day.

Shoes of the bride.
Dress of the bride hanging.
Groom opening bottle of champagne with his son.
Bride playing around with guests.

Wedding Party Getting Ready

It's time to go upstairs for the bride, bridesmaids and the groom to put on their wedding outfits.

Bride and mother walking up the stairs together.
Wedding guests getting ready while smiling.
Bridesmaids getting ready together with the bride.
Groom smiling at his daughter while getting ready.
Mother of the bride helping bride getting ready.
Groom helping his son get ready for the wedding day.
Daughter of groom helping her father get ready.

Groom helped by one of his daughters

One of the daughters of the groom helps her father get dressed for the wedding day.

Bride and bridesmaids toast to the wedding day.
Moms of bride and groom smiling.
Bridesmaid holding bouquet while looking at bride.
Mom of bride and groom together.

The mothers

Bride putting on wedding dress

Mother of the bride helping her daughter putting on the wedding dress.

Mother of bride helping putting on the wedding dress.
Bride putting on her wedding dress.
Bride getting help from her mother with putting on dress.

Portrait of the Bride

The stunning bride was ready for her big wedding day.

Portrait of the bride.
Bride getting her make-up ready.

Bride hugging her friends.

Bride hugging her friend and bridesmaid.
Bride is ready to get going to the ceremony.

Father of the Bride during First Look

The father has a first look at his daughter in her wedding dress as she walks down the stairs at her home.

Father of bride first look.
Father hugging his daughter during first look.
Big hug for father of the bride during first look.
Bride coming out of door of apartment in Amsterdam.
Bride walking towards wedding car to go to ceremony.

Bride and Groom First Look

The beautiful canals of Amsterdam were the backdrop to this first look of the bride and groom.

Bride and groom first look on the canals of Amsterdam.
Bride and groom first look in Amsterdam.
Bride and groom in garden of Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam.

Wedding location Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Wedding guests are relaxing before the ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.

Wedding guests smiling in the garden of Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam.
Father of the bride laughing with guests.
Bride arriving at the wedding location.
Groom posing for picture with his son.
Daughters of the groom posing for pictures.
Family formals at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam.

Outdoor Portraits Bride & Groom

A beautiful portrait of the bride and groom while they were enjoying the lovely gardens of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam.

Portrait of bride and groom kissing.

Ceremony Waldorf Astoria

The wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam.

Kids and their father the groom right before wedding ceremony.
Groom right before ceremony with his kids.
Son of the groom looking straight into the camera.
Wedding party waiting before ceremony.
Father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle.
Groom hugging his bride at start of the wedding ceremony.
Mother of the bride emotional.
Wedding ceremony Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.
Bride and groom laughing out loud during wedding ceremony.
Wedding guests laughing during ceremony.
Groom reading his vows to the bride.
Bride reading her vows to the groom.

Bride, Groom & The Rings

Bride and groom exchanging the rings at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Amsterdam.

Bride and groom giving rings to each other.
Bride and groom leaving wedding ceremony smiling.
Bride and groom looking at wedding guests after leaving ceremony.

Canal Boat Ride Amsterdam

After the wedding ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria it was time to get on a boat. We are in Amsterdam of course, so let's see a bit of those lovely canals.

Wedding couple leaving the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam hotel.
Wedding couple walking the canals of Amsterdam.
Bride on canal boat Amsterdam hit by sunbeam.
Wedding party at canal boat in Amsterdam.
Bride has party with wedding guests at canal boat Amsterdam.
Bride hugging her friend at canal boat Amsterdam.
Bride happy cries at canal boat in Amsterdam.
Son of groom at canal boat in Amsterdam.
Rockstar bride at canal boat Amsterdam.

Wedding Dinner at Tobacco Amsterdam

In the city center of Amsterdam you can find a beautiful place called Tobacco. Great for wedding dinners but also if you want to have a great party!

Tobacco Amsterdam door sign.
Tobacco Amsterdam wedding menu.

Speeches at Tobacco Amsterdam

Bride and groom enjoying speeches at Tobacco Amsterdam.
Bride and groom head to head enjoying speeches.
Father of the bride touching hands with his daughter.
Bride and groom putting out thank you to their wedding guests.

Party Time at Tobacco Amsterdam

Band singing at Tobacco Amsterdam during wedding.
Bride and groom dancing at Tobacco Amsterdam.

The End

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Wedding party waiting before ceremony.
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