7 Family Photoshoot Locations in Amsterdam for Beautiful Photos

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Looking for family photoshoot locations in and close to Amsterdam?

You have come to the right place, because this article holds THE family photoshoot location list to get you started.

Another question you might have:

Can we still book a family photoshoot during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, of course!

You can definitely book my services as your family photographer.

During the coronavirus pandemic you can still shoot family pictures. I think capturing pictures of your family, especially in these uncertain times, is very special and important.

We have to take some things into consideration though. Finding photoshoot locations outside is probably your best bet, in order to be able to keep a safe 1.5m distance.

Below you can find some ideas for family photoshoot locations in and close to Amsterdam. Have a look at the Table of Contents below to get you started.

Let’s dive right in:

Family photoshoot locations in and close to Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam canals & city center
  • Vondelpark & Zevenlandenhuizen
  • NDSM-werf
  • Amsterdamse Bos
  • Film museum EYE
  • Museum Square / Museumplein
  • De Pijp & Sarphatipark
  • The beach & dunes

1. Amsterdam canals & city center

It might not be the first location to think of though during the coronavirus pandemic. That said, the city center of Amsterdam has some great locations for family photoshoots and it’s really quiet on the streets at the moment. This definitely ensures you get unique family pictures.

Play soccer with your kids on an empty “Dam Square” or in the “Nine Little Streets“. An unique experience since normally it’s packed with tourists.

Or go biking alongside of the canals. Normally loads of cars and traffic make it a bit unsafe for kids to say the least. Now the streets are empty. This is THE time to go for it.

2. Vondelpark & Zevenlandenhuizen

Good old “Vondelpark”. Another great location for family photoshoots. Packed with tourists and locals in “normal” days, but during the coronavirus pandemic everything is different right.

Go roller skating with your kids or maybe feed some birds and capture the beauty of the park. It’s never going to be as “empty” as it is now!

Another location to visit if you are in the Vondelpark is Zevenlandenhuizen. A row of seven houses in the street”Roemer Visscherstraat”. Every house represents a different style of building used in countries around Europe.

3. NDSM-werf

This industrial terrain called NDSM-werf has all the space you need to keep your distance. Play soccer, go ride your bikes, fly a kite… whatever it is you love doing with your kids, you can do it here.

4. Amsterdamse Bos

The “Amsterdamse Bos” is another location great for the outdoor lovers. It offers some great activities for families as well, although because of the coronavirus pandemic most of those are closed for now.

5. Film museum EYE

If you are into architecture and “clean” backgrounds, this is THE location to visit. The beautiful building features some great lines and is the perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot. You can find the building next to the river “IJ”. Across the river you can see the new train station “Amsterdam Centraal”.

A spacious area providing options for entertaining kids in different ways. Running around, playing soccer or some other sport is definitely possible here.

6. Museum square / Museumplein

The Museum Square – in Dutch Museumplein – is a very spacious and beautiful place for your family photoshoot. Surrounded by most of the bigger museums in Amsterdam, like the “Rijksmuseum” and “Van Gogh Museum”, this place is the artsy heart of Amsterdam.

It features a big field in the middle, which can be used for all sorts of activities. Running around with the kids, playing outdoor sports with a city backdrop? Museum Square is the place to go.

7. De Pijp & Sarphatipark

“De Pijp” has been an upcoming area in Amsterdam for the past decade. The area is packed with restaurants, bars and cafes. Sadly we can’t enjoy most of that right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. We can however, use the small and beautiful streets you can find in “De Pijp” as a city backdrop for your family photoshoot.

Another great location to visit in “De Pijp” is the “Sarphatipark”. It’s a great way to get some diversity in your family photos, featuring both city and nature elements.

I added one more family photoshoot location to my top 7, since this one is SO worth it. Here we go with #8.

8. The beach & dunes

The beach is always a great place to go for a family photoshoot. It’s wide open space guarantees you can keep the distance needed during the coronavirus pandemic. Besides that it helps with clean backgrounds, so the photos will be all about you and your family.

The nearby dunes also give you some extra options for diversity in your family photos.

Going to the beach from Amsterdam is actually not that far. The easiest beach to go to is either Zandvoort (reachable by train – 20 min) or Bloemendaal aan Zee (has some lovely walking areas).


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