Family Photoshoot When Pregnant

Amsterdam Wedding Photographer Sjoerd Booij

Kids grow up fast.

Capture the adventures of your family on a regular basis, because before you know it they start moving out already.

Make sure to hire a family photographer to shoot some family pictures at least every year.

It’s extra special when you are pregnant and your first born will get a sibling brother or sister! A great reason to document this particular fase in your life.

You might wonder:

Should I capture family photos when I am pregnant?

In this article I will show you family photos that portray exactly why it’s amazing to capture some family photos when you are pregnant.

As an experienced family photographer and dad of (almost) three children I want to let you know:

Family photos when you are pregnant are an amazing way to document this special time in your life for yourself and first born child.

Let me help you out with some starter ideas and a list of great places to shoot. Or have a look at another family photoshoot I did at the beaches of Bloemendaal.

Let’s dive right in.

Beautiful Family at the Beach of Bloemendaal

Photo camera

I have photographed the wedding of this lovely couple a few years ago. Now they are pregnant with their second child.

We picked a beautiful location at the beaches of Bloemendaal. Luckily the weather was amazing to capture some perfect pictures of this wonderful family.

Family picture in front of blue sky.

Family photos at the beach in Bloemendaal.


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Family picture in front of blue sky.
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