Mother smiling at her child while walking at the beach of Bloemendaal.
Baby in carry bag with mother looking into the camera.
Family picture in front of blue sky.
Kid touching foam from the sea with his parents.
Family photoshoot at the beach while pregnant.
Father holding bike of son while walking on the beach of Bloemendaal.
Family walking with their first born son in the dunes of Bloermendaal.
Family photoshoot at the beach with big dune of sand.
Family walking on the beach during photoshoot.
Brothers having fun during brothers photoshoot.
Two brothers playing game during family photoshoot
family photoshoot in Amsterdam during coronavirus pandemic.
Family photoshoot at Dam Square Amsterdam with pigeons.
Family sitting at the beach sharing a moment together.
Baby hugged during family shoot Amsterdam.
Family walking at the beach of Bloemendaal together.
Baby with parents looking into camera during family shoot.
Family Walking towards the ocean.
Family walking shoreline of ocean while smiling.
Horse running at the beach during family shoot.

Family Portfolio Sjoerd Booij

Family Portfolio.

Hi there,

Looking for a photographer to document your family life? You have found the right place. Capturing a visual diary of your family life is really important to me.

Let me capture an unposed day in your family life and make sure these treasures are saved forever. You don’t need to dress up or be something you’re not. Just be you and let the kids do whatever it is they normally do.

Let’s go out to the beach to run in some dunes, stay in the house and drink hot coco or do both. Play with them, joke around together, build castles in the forest or jump on the bed. Read them books, make a drawing or dress up like whatever.

It’s all worth capturing because that’s life and it’s all that matters.

Some Favorite Family Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions


The most important thing: make sure you feel confident and relaxed. The photos will look natural and real if your state of mind is at ease. Here are 5 quick tips for you to get started.

  1. Pick a day when you have time and don’t have to rush
  2. Find a location that gives room for play and fun
  3. Choose outfits that match, but don’t go overboard
  4. Remember, kids are kids… sometimes things just take a bit of time
  5. Make sure everyone has eaten before we start 😉

I think embracing the weather that we have is the best way to go, since all weather types can be very beautiful and unique in photos. Rainy shoots where people embrace it and just show their true love keeping each other warm, are some of my favorites. Or how about a snowy day, throwing some snowballs and riding a sled… Don’t get caught in the perception that only sunny days are good for shooting, because sometimes they are not.

That being said. If the weather is going to be so bad my gear starts disagreeing or your body does ;-), we would be able to reschedule.

When shooting a full day 10 hour wedding, I typically deliver in the range of 400 – 600 images. All of these are post processed to match the look that you see on my website. All images are delivered as high resolution JPG files, ready to be used for printing.

For couple and family sessions the amount of images I deliver will be somewhere in the range of 50 – 100, depending on how long we are shooting (1 – 2 hours typically).

I will deliver all of the images no later than 8 weeks after your wedding. I will typically deliver a preview sooner of course. Depending on the time of season this may vary between 1 to 3 weeks.

For couple / family shoots I normally deliver all images within 1 to 2 weeks after shooting.

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Your Family Session

I would love to get to know you. Hear your thoughts and wishes for your family session. That’s our starting point to capture your family in the most honest and artistic way.

Fill in the form and I’ll get back to you asap.

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Outdoor beach Bloemendaal family photoshoot.
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