Portrait of man looking at camera while holding glasses.
Portrait of man sitting eating lunch.
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Blurry portrait of man in front of ocean painting.
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Portrait shot through stairs.
Personal branding portrait of man sitting on stairs holding camera.
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Portrait Portfolio Sjoerd Booij

Portrait Portfolio.

Hi there,

I love creating portrait images using interesting compositions in real life settings. I believe that when things are real, the viewer can actually feel it and your story connects on a deeper level.

Using creative lighting to draw in your clients I love to tell the story of your small business or personal brand.

Let’s boost your brand together.

Some Favorite Portrait Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions


I use Adobe Lightroom on all my images to make sure they look the way they do. Edits are made for exposure, contrast, color, sharpness. I don’t do any retouching to your images unless it’s a simple blemish removal. I believe in keeping things as real as they are. Of course a big pimple on your forehead that developed the day before your wedding will be taken out, but no other skin retouches are done to my images.

No, as I believe the RAW images are not a final product to be delivered. I want you to experience the full package you booked and that includes my post processing finished and in place. This way the final look of my work matches what you first saw on my website. I am very keen on selecting everything that tells your story, so no worries of missing out. If you feel there is a photo missing, I am more than happy to look through my images and send it over to you if it’s there.

I started out as a full time photographer in the beginning of 2011. Before that I was already very interested in photography and always shooting pictures while traveling for example. Since 2011 everything changed to being a professional and taking on actual paid jobs as a photographer.

It all depends on your timeline and wishes. We will talk about this during our meetup or Skype call and figure out what works best for you guys. I know I can create something beautiful for everyone, so I encourage people to always fit in some time for a photo shoot. Some people have 20 minutes. Others want a full 2 hour adventure hike somewhere nice. It’s up to you.

I prefer a time of day with good light, so for example at the end of the day with low light. Another benefit to that is, your ceremony is done and you feel relaxed enough to actually enjoy the shoot. You might have had a drink or two, which of course helps to process of relaxedness ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Your Portrait Session

I would love to get to know you. Hear about your thoughts and wishes for your portrait session. That’s our starting point to create your personal brand together.

Fill in the form and I’ll get back to you asap.

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