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Intimate couple boudoir Amsterdam photoshoot. This couple rented a beautiful room in the hotel Lloyd. After being together for 15 years these two lovely souls from the U.S.A. got married two months prior to the shoot. Honeymooning through Europe they decided to contact me for an intimate couple boudoir photoshoot to document their love.

Intimate Couple Boudoir Guide

I shoot intimate couple boudoir Amsterdam photoshoots throughout the year. If you are looking for tips on couple boudoir, make sure to read the Ultimate Couple Boudoir Guide.

Hotel Lloyd Amsterdam

The Meet Up

Before I start my couple shoots it's always great to get to know each other a bit. Drink a coffee, get the talk going. It definitely helps in getting the awkwardness a bit down when the actual shoot starts.

Couple standing in front of window facing each other.
Couple holding hands and looking at them.
Love couple standing near window.
Couple standing in front of window laughing at each other.

Window Light Magic

We don't need much to create beauty. A small window and two people in love being themselves is more than enough.

Bathtub Portraits

This lovely couple booked an amazing room at the hotel Lloyd in Amsterdam. It had a swing and center room bathtub, so we definitely had to use that.

Couple sitting in bathtub near window light.
Couple looking into each others eyes.
Couple photoshoot Amsterdam guy stroking arm with tattoo of girlfriend.
Couple photoshoot lying in bathtub.

Writing a Letter

The couple decided to write each other a letter. The hotel Lloyd in Amsterdam put a really nice work table in the room, so it was the perfect place to sit and put something together.

Wife looking at her husband while writing a letter.
Husband giving his wife a kiss on the head while she is writing a letter.
Couple photoshoot amsterdam at hotel lloyd.
Husband writing a letter to his wife.
Husband writing a letter while looking at his wife in the bathtub.

Getting in the Bathtub Together

It was time for some relaxing after writing the letter and let the bathtub be the stage for some more intimate couple portraits.

Couple portraits in bathtub while holding each other.
Couple in bathtub hugging and relaxed together.
Couple in bathtub hugging each other.
Couple together in bathtub cuddling.

Bath Bombs are a GO

Bath bombs always bring something extra during a bathtub photo shoot session. It's just fun. Bring them.

Couple holding hands in bathtub with bath bombs.
Couple holding hands while sitting in pink bath from bath bombs.

Candles are Great Too

Making use of candle light instantly changes a mood. Most of the time for the better. More intimate and relaxing. Don't we all love candles?

Husband and wife in bathtub with candles surrounding them.
Hand on shoulder with tattoo in bathtub.
Intimate couple photo shoot.
Couple sitting in bathtub touching hands.
Couple photoshoot Amsterdam with single light behind couple.

The End

More Information & Booking Your Couple Boudoir Session

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Couple Boudoir Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel
Intimate couple boudoir Amsterdam photoshoot. This couple rented a beautiful room in the hotel Lloyd. After being together for 15 years these two lovely souls...
Intimate couple photo shoot.
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