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Tips for a Hortus Botanicus wedding in Amsterdam. How to get the most out of this wonderful botanical garden filled with greenery from around the world.

Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

The getting ready of the bride started at a beautiful room at the Amstel Hotel Amsterdam. Together with two of her best friends they had a great time. The bride made sure to relax, since she was pregnant!

Hortus Botanicus Wedding

After the wedding getting ready, we hopped in an Uber to go to the wedding location, the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam. Hortus Botanicus is a botanical garden in the Plantage district of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It’s one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. It’s definitely a great place for your wedding or a place to visit during your wedding & engagement photoshoot.

Italian Restaurant Ciro

This Italian family restaurant named Ciro located in the “Tweede Helmersstaat, Amsterdam” is a beautiful place for a dinner with your wedding guests.

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

We start in the afternoon. Bride getting ready with her closest friends at the beautiful Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

Friend of bride laughing reflecting in mirror at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam
Friend of bride smiling while sitting on bed at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

Pregnant Bride

Getting married and cherishing a new life together. This day had many wonderful elements.

Pregnant bride holding hands on belly at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam
Bride getting her hair done at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

Hair of the Bride

Beautiful pregnant bride getting her hair done. Posing in dress holding flower bouquet at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

Reflection in mirror of bride getting her hair done at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam
Bride standing in doorway in wedding dress at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

The Dress & Shoes

Beautiful light coming into the hotel room at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam, creating a fairytale vibe with lovely details.

Dress of the bride hanging in doorway at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam
Shoes of the bride standing in lightbeam at Amstel Hotel Amsterdam
Dress hanging on lamp next to painting
Beam of light hitting arm of girl
Tourist boats in canals of Amsterdam passing the Amstel Hotel

The Hotel View

Tourist boats passing by the Amsterdam Amstel Hotel

Bride looking at canals of Amsterdam in Amstel Hotel

Leaving the Amstel Hotel

It's time to leave the Amstel Hotel and get in a taxi to drive to the Hortus Botanicus, which will be the ceremony location.

Bride finishing touches at hallway of Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam
Bride leaving the Amstel Hotel while holding her bouquet
Groom and father of bride awaiting the arrival of the bride at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus Ceremony

The groom and father of the bride await the bride's arrival at the entrance of the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam.

Bride arriving at Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam while holding her bouquet
Father of the bride guiding bride to the ceremony at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Groom shaking hands with father of bride during ceremony
Bride and groom during their ceremony with their firstborn child

The Ring Exchange

Of course with each wedding there is the exchange of rings. This wedding was no other and their firstborn son brought them the rings.

Bride and groom exchanging rings at their Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam ceremony
Bride and groom right after their ceremony at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam
Firstborn son of bride and groom arriving right after ceremony

Reception Hortus Botanicus Garden

After the wedding ceremony it was time for the reception in the beautiful gardens of the Hortus Botanicus. Lots of greenery, lovely finger food and champagne it always a wonderful combination.

Guests drinking champagne right after the wedding ceremony at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Wedding reception at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Hands gently touching the back of the bride during wedding reception
Guests hugging the bride at the wedding reception at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Bride and groom listening to speeches during their wedding reception
Grandfather together with grandson during wedding reception
Face of bride in lightbeam while looking at groom at wedding reception

Wedding Portraits

First we took some portraits with their firstborn son in the greenhouse of Hortus Botanicus. Then we moved outside for some more shots of just the wedding couple.

Family portrait of bride and groom together with firstborn son
Family portrait of bridal couple together with their son
Wedding portrait of bride and groom sitting in light beam at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Wedding portrait with bride looking straight into the camera

Wedding couple taking a moment to relax and enjoy the last light of day together.

Bride and groom walking around in botanical garden of Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Wedding Guests Group Shot

It's so much fun to take one big group shot with all your friends and family. So many happy faces together.

Group shot of guests with bride and groom at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Restaurant Ciro Amsterdam

Time for an amazing Italian dinner at restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam.

Wedding guests at restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam
Eating oisters at restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam
Wedding menu at Italian restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam
Groom holding cocktail drink at Italian restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam
Wedding guests having dinner at Italian restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam

Wedding guests enjoying diner and speeches at Italian Restaurant Ciro in Amsterdam.

The End

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Wedding couple walking in botanical garden of Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
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