Intimate Couple Photoshoot & Boudoir

Intimate couple photography using a documentary style to tell the real story of two people in love. Creatively using light to shape interesting compositions and frame true emotions between you and your loved one.

Intimate Couple Photographer in Amsterdam since 2011

Photographing intimate couple sessions is something I love doing. For me it’s about telling a love story of two people in more than just a few pretty images.

I believe in moving past those first awkward moments, getting on a deeper level together and create artistic images that feel real. Images that show what your love is about, how small or big that may be.

For images to feel real and intimate, I believe trusting each other is a key factor.

Get in touch to kick things off and see if we can create images that you can cherish for a lifetime and beyond.

Read more on intimate couple boudoir photoshoot options or have a look at the Ultimate Couple Boudoir Guide.

Intimate & Real

Intimate Couple Photographer focussed on storytelling in an artistic way

Couple Stories

Couple riding bikes in Amsterdam during couple shoot.
Couple Photoshoot Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Couple photoshoot while riding bikes, visiting the Hortus Botanicus botanical gardens and strolling past the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.
Intimate couple photo shoot.
Couple Boudoir Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel
Intimate couple boudoir Amsterdam photoshoot. This couple rented a beautiful room in the hotel Lloyd. After being together for 15 years these two lovely souls...
Couple boudoir sitting behind window together
Ultimate Guide for Intimate Couple Boudoir Photos
Intimate couple boudoir with documentary style to tell the real story of two people in love. No awkward posing, but real images with a relaxed...

More Information & Booking Your Couple Photoshoot

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Resources and Stylebooks

Couple boudoir sitting behind window together
Ultimate Guide for Intimate Couple Boudoir Photos
Intimate couple boudoir with documentary style to tell the real story of two people in...

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Intimate couple photography that is raw and real in an artistic and documentary feel.


Family photography to memorize a wonderful day together with those closest to your heart.


Information about my philosophy, pricing and resources to get the most out of your photos.

Capturing Intimate Moments


Popular Questions

Yes totally! I love to meet new people and I believe it’s a great idea to connect and get to know each other. It helps in understanding your story and capture something that is unique to you.

All my meetings take place at my home in Haarlem, the Netherlands or we can do a Skype / FaceTime call. I prefer meeting in person, but sometimes that’s difficult. Get in touch to setup a meeting!

I started out as a full time photographer in the beginning of 2011. Before that I was already very interested in photography and always shooting pictures while traveling for example. Since 2011 everything changed to being a professional and taking on actual paid jobs as a photographer.

I will typically shoot no more than 20 weddings each year.

When I first started out in 2011 I shot a lot more per year, but I feel the need to connect with my couples to create something amazing together. In order for me to do this I time to really invest in my couples. Help you out where needed, guide you through all the planning and more. I can’t do that with over 20 weddings per year.

I am happy to hear you are thinking about booking me! 🙂

To make sure we get everything sorted, I need a signed contract and a 50% retainer to book your date. Get in touch and I’ll send you all the details.

I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and shooting weddings worldwide. If you have any questions about quotes for a particular destination, make sure to get in touch and we’ll get the talk started!

No weird directed posing. I will focus on storytelling and being a fly on the wall. I will help with some natural direction whenever called for, but most of all I wanna make sure you actually enjoy your day.

I want to capture what your day feels like in the most real way, since that is what brings you back in the moment when you watch the images afterwards.

I always take formal family portraits. I know those matter. Maybe not now, but they sure will in the future. Trust me on that. If planned for in the right way, family formals won’t have to take long.

When we’re out shooting just the two of you, I’ll give you natural direction, bringing out the true YOU. I’m pretty good at getting people out of that awkward zone and capture those natural responses. It’s all about asking the right questions, enjoying the moment and not putting on too much pressure.

For the biggest part of the day I will shoot documentary style. Capturing real moments that happen in front of me and tell the story of your wedding day. You just have to make sure to enjoy everything and get in the moment, let me do the rest.

Relaxed, happy humans enjoying life to the fullest.

If you care more about candid, honest photos, than perfectly staged portraits with every hair in place, then I’d love to shoot you.

If you don’t want your wedding to feel like a big production, and just want a chill photographer who might be barefoot at your reception, then we’ll be great together.

If you trust me to do my thing, we’ll definitely be able to create some cool things together.

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